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Simple, privacy-focused, scalable Mimblewimble chain implementation.

Grin aims to serve as digital cash. To provide electronic transactions for all, without censorship or restrictions.



Grin is developed openly, by individual contributors all over the world. There's no company or foundation behind it, and no ICO, founder reward, pre-mine or dev-tax. The coin distribution is designed to be as fair (but not gratis) as is known to be possible.


Privacy by default. Transactions have no amount, no addresses and can be trivially aggregated. This enables complete fungibility without precluding the ability to selectively disclose information as needed.


Scales mostly with the number of users and minimally with the number of transactions. Past transactional data can be pruned, making grin drastically lightweight compared to other blockchains.


Minimal implementation that strives to remain as clear and simple as possible, making it easy to audit and maintain over time.


Mimblewimble relies on Elliptic Curve cryptography which has been tried and tested for decades. A formal study of its security was published in one of the flagship conferences of the the International Association for Cryptologic Research.