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Sending Grins

To send grins, use the send command and specify both the destination address (-d) and the amount.

grin-wallet send -d [address] [amount]

Example of sending 90 grins:

grin-wallet send -d grin1dhvv9mvarqwl6fderuxp3qgl6qppvhc9p4u24347ec0mvgg6342q4w6x56 90

Locked Outputs

From now on and until confirmed in the chain, the outputs used in this transaction are locked.

The wallets will interact through Tor and complete the process automatically.

However, If the connection wasn't successful, your wallet will output a Slatepack message which you need to provide the receiver with. The receiver then uses the receive command to process it (as demonstrated earlier), and returns back a Slatepack he produced himself.

Simply type the following command:

grin-wallet finalize

And enter into the prompt the Slatepack message you got from the receiver.

Your wallet will complete the transaction building process and post it to the network, along with a fee, to be included in an upcoming block. Celebrate this milestone with an unapologizing smile ツ