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Build and run automation
Run a node on google cloud for free
How to mine with grin-miner
Monetary policy





Mimblewimble, Scaling Bitcoin'16
Mimblewimble, SF Bitcoin Developers`16
Mimblewimble, BPASE'17
Mimblewimble & Scriptless Scripts, RWC'18
A View on Grin, HCPP'19, Slides


How to store Grin in cold storage?
Raspberry Pi 4 - Standalone Grin-Node PoC by
How to open port 3414 (and why)
PoW specification
Coinbase outputs as regular outputs
Use of NRD kernels in payment channels
Emission Rate Thread, #2, #3
Transaction Aggregation
TX Graph Confidentality
Response to Reavealing TX Graph
Some Thoughts on Privacy
How to open port 3414 (and why)
Scheduled PoW upgrades proposal
Choice of ASIC Resistant PoW for GPU miners
Put later phase-outs on hold proposal
All about C31 fade out, the C29 scale and C32
Genesis block message
Queries about transaction aggregation Aggregate merkle proofs
Unique kernels thread #73
Sending a transaction to more parties than originally intended
Reasoning behind block weight limit
Hardforks on Grin v5.0.0 and beyond
Play attacks and possible mitigations
Replay attacks and possible mitigations
Grin transactions user interactivity
Eliminate finalize step
On Igno's absence
Being ASIC resistant or not
Is there a potential hidden inflation problem
Eliminating finalize step
Integrated payment proofs and round minimization
Pep talk for one sided transactions
Dismantling the core team and governance structure


Grin's Mythical Fair Launch
Grin Money Explained
Grin Transactions Explained, Step-by-Step
What’s inside a Grin Transaction File?
Breaking Mimblewimble’s Privacy Model
Factual inaccuracies of “Breaking Mimblewimble’s Privacy Model”
Mimblewimble Without the Scary Math
Behind Mimblewimble
An Introduction to Grin Proof-of-Work


[Bitcoin Wednesday] Introducing Mimblewimble and Grin @jaspervdm
[Unchained] Grin: A More Private, Lighter Bitcoin @lehnberg @yeastplume
[The Crypto Show] Mimblewimble with Andrew Poelstra and Peter Wuillie
[What Bitcoin Did] Grin's Mimblewimble Implementation @yeastplume
[Zero Knowledge] Grin @lehnberg
[Captain Crypto Show] Grin @yeastplume
[Let's Talk Bitcoin] Privacy with Mimblewimble @yeastplume @andreas @adam.b.levine


[Launchpad] Mimblewimble Mailing List Archive
[Reddit] Mimblewimble introduced to r/bitcoin
[Youtube] Aantonop Bitcoin Q&A: Mimblewimble and Dandelion
[Coindesk] Harry Potter Characters Join Mimblewimble 2016
[Github] Meeting Notes
[Reddit] On Grin's Privacy
[Launchpad] Scripting observations and Lightning Network implementation
[GitHub] Grin difficulty, C29, C31 fade out and C32
[GitHub] Fees in Mining
[Google] Replay Attacks Summary
[Blog] A Relatively Easy to Understand Primer on ECC


[Github] All Accepted RFCs
[Github] All Pending RFCs


Confidential Assets
Cuckoo Cycle